Six Bonus Reports on Launching a Fiction Series!

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I’m doing something special for the POF audience for the beginning of 2017—bonus reports on the results of my first major fiction launch! (I’ve launched before, but never so hard as I’m about to.)

The goal of these reports is so you can see a behind-the-scenes of what I did + how well it worked (or didn’t work). I have about three months of promotion mapped out for January, February, and March of 2017, and I’ll be (and have been) keeping detailed results so that you have a blueprint for future launches + know where not to waste your time and energy!

Here are the six bonus behind-the-scenes reports that will include all the launch data of my new fiction series, Waters Dark and Deep:

  • Bonus Report #1: Getting (or Attempting to Get) to 100 Reviews Quickly
  • Bonus Report #2: Driving More Timely Sales To Maintain Sales Rank
  • Bonus Report #3: Converting Book Buyers to Raving Fans and Evangelists
  • Bonus Report #4: Breaking Down the Many Giveaways We Used To Promote These Books
  • Bonus Report #5: Breaking Down Our Book Blogger Tour and the Effect on Reviews and Sales
  • Bonus Report #6: Breaking Down Our Advertising Strategies Across Facebook, Bookbub, Amazon, Instagram, and more

I’m really excited to talk about this stuff, especially since I know so many of you have made HUGE progress on your writing careers this year and are ready to get deep into the marketing weeds. I don’t honestly know what will happen in any of these reports or what the data will show. I’ve also never done bonus reports for my books before, but if people like them we might make it a regular thing!

Getting the Reports

Again, I’m going to be sending them to people who support our 5-book launch in January! Here’s which report goes with which pre-order:

  • Bonus Report #1 – pre-order of Prosperous Creation here:
  • Bonus Report #2 – pre-order of Accelerated Author here:
  • Bonus Report #3 – pre-order of Instruments of the Angels (Waters Dark and Deep #1) here:
  • Bonus Report #4 – pre-order of Hunters of the Immortals (Waters Dark and Deep #2) (link available soon)
  • Bonus Report #5 – pre order of Shadow of the Archworld (Waters Dark and Deep #3) (link available soon)
  • Bonus Report #6 – “Above and Beyond” launch support (stuff like sharing, being on our street team, reviewing the new books, and so on)

Claiming Your Reports

The reports will be available in April 2017 so that all the data can be collected beforehand. Simply send evidence of your effort (so, for example, forward your pre-order receipt or send us an email about your review of the books) to We will collect all of the information so we can send out the bonus reports when they are ready!


While we would prefer for you to pre-order the books, we also understand that sometimes people discover the bonus reports late… so we are giving people until April 2017 (when they come out) to send us their receipts.

How Kindle Unlimited Readers Can Still Get the Reports

We’re all for supporting the KU program and that’s why we have our books there—so readers on really tight budgets can read for free. However, it’s impossible for us to track whether you actually read a book. So we’ll happily honor any KU readers who don’t have a pre-order receipt, but can demonstrate that they read the book through some other means (like they’ve reviewed the book, or something similar).

Really looking forward to sending out this data!

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