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Bust through the blocks that are holding you back from getting your book done

Hello! My name is Monica Leonelle.

Maybe you recently decided you want to write a book. Or perhaps it's something you've always wanted to do. However, you're struggling to get started, or to finish your first draft.
Maybe you've written a book (or several) already but they haven't seen the success you wanted. The fame, money, readership, reviews, and sales are just out of reach.
Or maybe you are writing a book for a different purpose—to leave a legacy for your kids, or to build your thriving business. You need to get your book done WHILE managing your full-time career and bustling personal life, and you're just not sure how to get organized or find the time.
Whatever the reason, my course, Finish Your First Book, is for you. In it, we're going to bust through the mindset blocks, simplify the outlining and drafting processes, and guide you through the self-editing process so you can avoid the common "gotchas" rife in lower-quality books.
Over the next six months, as long as you are willing to show up and do the work, we will create your book (if this is your first one) or workshop a low-performing book you've already written (if you're a few in but still not seeing the success your desire).
Interested in FINALLY writing the book inside you? Read on!

Here's Who Will Benefit From the Course:

  • ANYONE who wants to make MASSIVE progress on their first book.
  • ANYONE who has never considered writing their strong suit at all and wished they had someone to walk them through the process and answer questions.
  • ANYONE who has an important story to share, whether it be a children's fairtytale or their own memoir or autobiography, but has never been a "writer" and has no idea where to start, only that they must.
  • Aspiring writers who have a book inside them itching to get out but have always struggled with HOW to go from idea to finished draft, whether it's not having the right mindset or method.
  • Experts or hobbyists who have a lot of knowledge inside them and want to share their passion with the world and/or jumpstart an online business. 
  • Coaches, consultants, bloggers, and other online entrepreneurs who have a message to share with the world and want to establish credibility and grow their target audience on a large, shareable scale.
  • Authors who have written and published a book or two but find it difficult to stay productive, get more books done, and obtain better results.

Here's How You'll Make
Massive Progress on Your Book:

Finish Your First Book takes you through the first three tiers of the Hierarchy of Prosperous Creation, where most authors and aspiring authors get stuck. It's easy to give up on your big dream during these phases, but I want you to push on!
We'll go on a journey to conquer Mindset, Craft, and Productivity blocks so you can breeze through the daunting process of creating a book that readers will love.
  • 1

    MODULE #1: Mindset

    I believe that almost all blocks on the path to becoming an author can trace back to mindset... so I'm going to help you bust through the most common ones you might be experiencing.
    In this module, I'll walk you through my Hierarchy of Prosperous Creation framework so you can see exactly how your project will evolve over the course of its lifetime, and how your new life as a creator might evolve too! This is your plan, your playbook, for living the life of an artist and (if you want) making a living from it.
    Next, I'll give you my Accelerated Author Formula, a 6-step process I personally use to continuously unblock myself and "level up" my mindset over and over again. This is the equivalent of "teaching you how to fish" so you never get stuck on mindset challenges again. Using this formula will help you break through obstacles over and over again—throughout your book writing experience, and also as you set new goals for yourself!
    Length of Module Focus: 1 month
  • 2

    MODULE #2: Craft

    Writing a book can seem like a huge, unmanageable project, but it's like eating an elephant. We'll do it one small bite at a time... and the only way to do that is to create a robust and detailed plan for what we're going to write—BEFORE we write it!
    In this module, I am going to teach you all about structuring your book. If you have an idea for a book, this is where we dig into it and flesh out the details. If you have a book already written, this is where we make sure you are communicating your ideas in a format that readers understand and respond to.
    For fiction authors, we will walk through the Smarter Storytelling Framework, and then deepen into writing beats so you know at a scene level exactly what you're going to write next.
    For non-fiction authors, we will walk through a non-fiction book structure and also do a mini-course on copywriting, so you know exactly how to share your story, knowledge, and experience in an extremely marketable way. If you're writing a book to broaden your branding and credibility, we will make sure your book aligns with your products and services, too, so readers effortlessly flow to the "next step" of working with you!
    Length of Module Focus: 2 months
  • 3

    MODULE #3: Drafting

    It's time to write!
    I will share my best tricks for both writing consistently and writing faster. During this module, we'll figure out a writing schedule that feels abundant, flowy, and fun.
    We'll also work heavily with accountability groups at this time to keep everyone on track and make sure no one gets overwhelmed.
    I'll keep you motivated with on-the-go audio recordings that you can listen to at any time—on a commute to work, on a morning walk, before bed.
    I'll keep you connected to your original reason(s) for wanting to write a book, and the readers who want to read it.
    Lastly, I'll help you deal with any shifts in your outline that come up as you're fleshing out your draft!
    Length of Module Focus: 2 months
  • 4

    MODULE #4: Editing

    We've made it, together—and now it's time to polish up your first draft and get it ready for publication.
    Because we did so much prep work during module #2, your draft is probably in good shape at the structure level. So now all that's left is going back through and editing for clarity, communication, and beauty!
    I will share everything I know about self-editing, along with my favorite processes to identify rougher writing and "level up" each sentence and paragraph.
    I'll also bring in some of my favorite editors to share deeper insights into what they look for in a draft and how they recommend to fix common problem areas!
    Length of Module Focus: 1 month
  • 5

    BONUSES #1, #2, #3

    BONUS #1: EXTRA Module on Marketing and Promoting Your Book (Whether You Want to Self-Publish or Go Traditional)
    We all know that discoverability is a challenge, especially for first books. The right marketing can get your book noticed, and it doesn't have to be difficult or expensive.
    By the end of this module, you’ll have a book proposal if you want to use traditional publishers, or a marketing plan for self-publishing.
    (And don’t kid yourself, you’ll need to market your book no matter which publishing route you use.)
    BONUS #2: Two LIVE Q&A Sessions with Monica to Answer All Your Writing and Editing Questions
    Need a little extra help? Join other students on Q&A sessions with me focusing on writing your draft and how to power through edits like a pro.
    BONUS #3: Invitation-Only Let Your Book Flow Signature Program Facebook Group Community to Share Your Wins & Challenges
    You *really* don't have to do it alone. Use the exclusive Facebook group to share your journey and hold yourself accountable to finishing your book.
    In addition to accountability check-ins, you can also ask the group questions, chat and network with other members, and give each other feedback.
    Delivery: Immediately


  • Lakis Polycarpou

    Author of August in the Vanishing City
    "Monica's authentic approach and her generosity of spirit exemplifies the best elements of the indie writer community. She never hesitates to share any aspect of her business, what she has learned (and is learning) or mistakes she has made. "
  •     Annalise Nixon

    Erotic Romance Author of 7 Published Books
    "With the help of my outline I prepared using Monica’s techniques, I wrote and self edited a short novel in fifteen days. And the icing on the cake was my editor loved it.
    I’m on target to publish five books in 2016, and only one of them was novella length.
  • Dan Schawbel

    New York Times & Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author
    "Monica's writing skills are really incredible and I knew from the start that she would be extremely successful...I recommend her to anyone looking to get a best-in-class superstar!"
  • Kirk Hanley

    Performer, Writer, Improviser
    Write Better, Faster)
    "Monica Leonelle comes to the rescue, giving you practical, actionable tips on how to write more words in an hour, how to write more hours in a day, and how to make sure those words won't have to be discarded in editing." 
  •     Adam Bailey

    Outlining Challenge Participant
    Nail Your Story)
    "What I love about Monica is her willingness to not only share what's working for her, but her ability to create workable systems that are easily understood and can be implemented immediately."
  • Joanna Penn

    New York Times and USA Today bestselling Author
    Write Better Faster)
    "Some great tips from Monica, and every writer, no matter where on the journey, they can learn something new." 


Monica is best known for writing productivity and going from producing 1 book per year from 2009-2013 to producing 8 books and one short story in 2014. All through improving her writing process!

  • She’s since produced 20+ books across multiple series, pen names, and genres.
  • Monica has helped hundreds of writers start and finish their books. 
  • She’s also the creator of the Smarter Storytelling Framework, which helps book plotters and pantsers alike get their stories aligned with consistent decision-making.
  • Monica has a proven 4-step process to go from idea to draft, one small doable step at a time.
  • She's published a suite of books for authors and loves seeing people succeed using her methods.

Monica has been featured on industry podcasts like The Creative Penn, The Self-Publishing Podcast, Write With Impact, The Author Biz, the Sell More Books Show, Wordslinger, and more.

Monica has been an avid blogger of marketing and business trends since 2007. Her ideas have been featured in AdAge, Inc., The Huffington Post, the AMEX OpenForum, GigaOm, Mashable, Social Media Today, and the Christian Science Monitor.


No more waiting or procrastinating. Time to go from struggling writer to accomplished author!
Join today , and you'll get:
- Four modules packed with lessons on how to create the right mindset, create an effective outline and beats from your idea, power through the first draft, and polish it for publication
- Inspirational audio messages from Monica so you stay focused and on track
- Bonus module all about how to market and promote your book, no matter what publishing path you choose
- Live Q&A sessions with Monica so you can get all your writing and editing questions answered by someone who's done this over and over
- Exclusive access to the Let Your Book Flow Signature Program Facebook group so you can share your progress with others who are on the same journey
- Proven steps, tips, and tricks on how to get a book DONE
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