Want To Review the Growth Hacking For Storytellers Series?

If you’re interested in receiving a review copy of my next Growth Hacking For Storytellers book, it’s easy to get on the list!

Step 1: Review one of the books in the series on Amazon.

The review must be at least a few sentences long and any Amazon country site is eligible. Go here to leave a review. (You must be signed in to your Amazon account for the link to work correctly.)

Step 2: Join the email list.

Go to proseonfire.com/storytellers/ to add your name to the Prose On Fire list. (Since I distribute the copies via email, you have to stay subscribed to continue receiving review copies of future books.)

Step 3: Send me the link to your review so I can tag you in my backend.

You can email me at contact@monicaleonelle.com. I watch reviews and try to do this step automatically, but if you want to insure that I’ve tagged you, drop me a note. Update: There are too many reviews to keep up with so definitely just email me. You’ll know you’ve been added because you’ll receive an automated message from contact@monicaleonelle.com. Please allow for several days of processing, just in case I’m slow on email. Thank you!

Please note that I am not sending out “free” copies but rather copies to be reviewed. Please continue to review the majority of books you receive so I can keep sending them. (I’m not a total stickler or anything, and I know people get busy, so I don’t require reviews for every single one.)

That’s all! Thank you so much for your interest in the Growth Hacking For Storytellers series!

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