Nail Your Outline Sessions

11100217_10205105385567069_71030736562419061_nAmy Teegan and I (Monica Leonelle) are here to help you Nail Your Outline!

Amy has 10+ years of editing experience and has helped dozens of authors polish their books.
I (Monica) have 10+ years of copywriting and marketing experience and will use deep psychological triggers to help make your book un-put-down-able.

Get our eyes on your outline and save hundreds of hours of writing, rewriting, and editing down the line!

Here’s what we’ll do specifically:

  • Full markup and comments on your outline from both editors. Having multiple editors is like having a secret power. You’ll know when it’s just someone’s opinion and when it’s something you need to change.
  • Pull your outline into my Unified Theory of Storytelling template. This isn’t yet released to the public. I’ll use this template to find story gaps in your outline and give you examples of how you could fix them.
  • Story analysis from Amy Teegan. She’ll do an in-depth separate analysis on your story and give you tons of feedback on how to please your readers.
  • Marketability and Virality analyses from Monica Leonelle. I will use my 100-point analysis to find strengths and weaknesses in your story from a marketing perspective. We’ll inject some marketing into your manuscript before you even write it!
  • 1-hour consult on feedback with both editors on the line (optional). We’ll go through all of your feedback and answer any questions you have.
  • Email support for up to two weeks after you receive your feedback (optional). You can ask us any follow-up or clarifying questions you have! We’ll be happy to answer.
  • A direct line to an editor in the future (optional). If you’ve nailed your outline, you’ll need minimal editing once the book is done. Amy offers editing services and will give you a great deal once your book is done when you’ve already gone through a Nail Your Outline Session first.


Here’s the total investment:

  • Novellas (40,000 words or less): $250
  • Novels (40,001 words or more): $400

If you would like to work with us, please email me at We can’t wait to get started on your book!

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