Learn the Step-By-Step Process for Writing a Book that Sells from the Guys at Sterling and Stone

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What if you could write a book that you love and that sells?

My good friends at Sterling and Stone are offering a free online bootcamp that you do not want to miss.


It’s called the StorySeller’s Bootcamp, and in the space of one week, these guys are gonna show you how to write a book that’s fun for you, that readers love, and that is good enough to make those readers look forward to the next thing you’ll do.

Because writing a bestselling book doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

Sean, Johnny, and Dave are good friends of mine, long-time mentors and colleagues, and all-around amazing people.

I’ve had the chance to peek behind-the-scenes at their processes and really learned a ton from them. In fact, they’ve influenced some of my own processes.

One of the smartest things a new author can do in order to develop their own writing process is pull back the curtains on other writers who are already successful.

This is a fantastic opportunity to learn how to do outlining from some of the best in the biz.

Now you can spend 90 minutes live on the web with bestselling authors Johnny, Sean, and Dave every day during the Bootcamp.

(Or during the replay available for 24 hours after each session, because hey, life happens.)

If you want to learn Sterling and Stone’s process for writing and selling a bestselling book, sign up for their StorySeller’s Bootcamp.

You’ll learn how to finish and launch books you love, in a genre where readers are waiting for you.

Register now to save your spot at the StorySeller’s Bootcamp, starting Monday, June 13.

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