Learn the Step-By-Step Process for Writing a Book that Sells from the Guys at Sterling and Stone

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What if you could write a book that you love and that sells? My good friends at Sterling and Stone are offering a free online bootcamp that you do not want to miss. It’s called the StorySeller’s Bootcamp, and in the space of one week, these guys are gonna show you how to write a book that’s fun for you, that readers love, and that is good enough to make those readers look forward to the next thing you’ll do. Because writing a bestselling book doesn’t have to be overwhelming….read more


Write Better Stories with the Smarter Storytelling Framework

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So you want to write great stories that instantly connect with your readers, but it’s just not happening? Maybe you’re just starting out and are unsure of how to move people with your story. Or maybe you’ve released several books, but the reviews have been… so-so. Or worse, one-star! I’ve been there too. In 2009 my dream was to become a full-time author, but honestly, I had no clue what I was doing. I loved writing, and I was good at writing. But writing fiction was a whole new ballgame…read more


Film Rights, KU Recruiting, and Writing Sprints on the Sell More Books Show

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I had the amazing opportunity recently to join my friend, Bryan Cohen, as a co-host on the Sell More Books Show. We discussed industry news, including the question of the week. If you had the opportunity to sell your film rights tomorrow for a small sum, would you sell them or would you hold on to them in hopes of actually getting your film made?   Make sure to check out the episode for our take on that question as well as the following: How to get more followers on…read more


Book Plot vs. Character Arc and How To Reconcile the Two (#29)

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One of the questions I’m receiving regularly since writing Nail Your Story and creating the Outlining Challenge goes something like this: I have a question about the rough markers for plot plots (25%, 50%, 75%, 90%) etc. Do these percentages apply to the BOOK or to the CHARACTER ARC? That is, if character A is in 8 scenes, is his decision/choice to go at the end of HIS second chapter OR at page 50 of a 200 page book? There are two parts to this question, so let’s break it down. Part…read more


8 Books That Will Teach You 95% of What You Need To Write a Kickass Novel

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At the beginning of this year, I went on a serious novel craft binge and read or re-read nearly 50 books on the art of storytelling. This month, I’m hosting a giveaway of my very favorite storytelling and craft books—yay! If you’ve been struggling to write your book, or struggling to revise it, enter here to win all eight of my favorite books: http://proseonfire.com/giveaways/novelist/ I’m going to share the “why” behind why I selected each book in a moment, but before I do that, I just wanted to let you know…read more


Why You Can’t Take Reviews Personally (#28)

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When I worked in payments, we found that there’s no real way to convince a client to switch to your gateway for their credit card payments. It was a lot of work to get on a new gateway, and for the most part, as long as a company could accept payments, they didn’t think much about who was making it possible. The ways that we got clients were: a) we caught them when they were first setting up payments b) we found them when they had serious pain with their…read more


How to Deal With an Unending Shift in Priorities (#27)

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Do you ever feel like even when you’ve figured out what you’re doing next, life decides to throw a wrench in your plans? At the beginning of the year, I had this incredible plan to build my business in 2015. It felt so right and I was so confident in it. I lined up my collaborators, my editors, and more, so sure I could bring my vision to fruition. Then, I got engaged on December 31st at about 11:30pm, and my entire plan went out the window. (I was incredibly…read more


Four Tips To Make Your Transition From Solopreneur To Hiring a Small Team Go Smoothly (#26)

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I recently posted about my newest project—(slowly) hiring and building a small team. In that post, I gave you four rules for prioritizing your projects and deciding what to outsource. In addition to these four rules for determining what to outsource, I’ve also kept a list of tips and tricks that I refer to every time I create a new set of instructions for task-offloading that I’m going to share with you today. Before I get into these tips, I just want to add the disclaimer that some of them…read more

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