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"Few things can accelerate you toward your goals faster than participating in a mastermind.”
- Michael Hyatt

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Hello! My name is Monica Leonelle.

I know you are raring to go on your writing and publishing goals, and I’m looking forward to supporting you in any way I can.
One of the ways I would love to support your goals is through my Accelerated Artist Mastermind, which is an all-access experience that will help you level up your mindset, meet motivated authors like yourself, and get a TON done in the next year—all of which are essential ingredients to making your writing dreams come true!
Interested in changing your life and getting your writing career off the ground? Read on!

Is It For You?

  • Your goal is to become a full-time writer (and be able to pay your bills through writing).
  • You have been going at it on your own and have a few books published (or almost published) in your catalog already.
  • You love to experiment with new marketing ideas and are ready to trade tips and tricks!
  • You want to improve your writing process so you can get your books done faster.
  • You have invested in your dream and are ready to get paid for it.
  • You’re putting in at least 10 hours a week into your dream of becoming a full-time writer.
  • You are committed to showing up to a weekly accountability meeting and/or a Slack conversation, plus your writing practice! (You'll have to do the work to get results. We can't do it for you, but we can support you!)

Here's How We Get Results

If you're ready to work, you can get results with these five pillars of support in place:
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    I will mentor you in a myriad of ways during your time in the Accelerated Artist Mastermind:
    - I create a set of mindset videos every month to help you "level up" in your writing business
    - I create a weekly diary video so you can see what's plaguing me and my business behind-the-scenes
    - I host regular topic-centered live Q&As so you can hop on and ask questions
    - I am in the Slack group daily from Monday to Friday so I can chat with you about your upcoming book launch or your work-in-progress, too!
    I strive to be open, honest, and your ally in whatever you are working on!
    Here are some things I've covered in my videos so far:
    - interviewing potential cowriters (5 onboard already!)
    - reaching out to readers for a new segment on my limited podcast
    - gearing up to launch four audiobooks
    - creating 100+ Amazon and Facebook ads for my books
    - solidifying and rolling out our giveaways strategy across multiple imprints
    - spending 40+ hours on a single project template in order to scale a process
    - shifting roles in my business, shifting others around to different roles, and hiring and filling gaps in our capacity
    - dealing with cash flow issues
    - ... and so much more :)
    The value of this is not in hearing me blabber on about what my team is doing, but rather in getting YOU inspired and knowing what’s possible. A year ago, I was just one person sitting at her computer speaking her ideas into a microphone. I didn’t have an audience. I didn’t have a team.
    But a lot changes in a year, and I have to attribute that to others showing me what was possible and helping me “level up” my mindset. I saw others doing it, dreamt it for myself, and copied their strategies for turning those dreams into reality. You could do this too!
    If it weren’t for dozens of authors showing ME what was possible, though, I wouldn’t have known what to dream about… or how to get started on it. That’s what I want to do for you!
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    In addition to the monthly mindset videos and weekly diary entries, I also create topic-centered challenges, advanced trainings, and courses that you get full access to! Our current content schedule is:
    CHALLENGES (beginner/intermediate, 3 weeks)
    - Outlining Challenge ($49 value; immediate access) - The Outlining Challenge combines Monica's 4-step unblocking process for writing + her revolutionary Smarter Storytelling Framework. Learn more here:
    - List-Building Challenge ($49 value; immediate access) - All successful authors have an email list, and often your next book launch is heavily based on the community of readers you've built. The list-building challenge will help you get a system in place so you are constantly inviting your readers to join your list!
    - Autoresponder Challenge ($49 value; June  2016) - You may have a list, but do you have a system for communicating with your readers? My evergreen system lets you build a stable of content that is flexible enough to build on and add to every time you have a new book. Set your communication plan on auto-pilot and sell more books in the process!
    ADVANCED TRAININGS (advanced, 4 weeks)
    - Copywriting Advanced Training ($99 value; May 2016) - As an author (non-fiction OR fiction), copywriting is an essential skill set for both creating and marketing your books. Learn how to write copy that fits your personality and attracts the right people to you. Also, learn how you can add copywriting concepts to your non-fiction and fiction books to "bake in" some marketing, so that your readers share your book with their friends, too!
    - Solopreneur to CEO Advanced Training ($99 value; May 2016) - Monica's company has the fastest-growing team in the indie publishing industry. But did you know she started with a budget of $100 a month? Learn how we've systemized everything to scale massive marketing efforts, launch huge books and courses, and also get behind-the-scenes on all the mistakes and failures she's had along the way.
    - Master Dictation Advanced Training ($99 value; 2016 Q3) - Monica has brought together 12 authors who have deeply incorporated dictation into their production processes. She interviews them to dig into their best tips and tricks for making it a part of your regular flow, plus uncovers their data and results for how they are massively increasing their writing productivity in the process.
    COURSES (intermediate/advanced, 8 weeks)
    - Accelerated Artist Course ($299 value; 2016 Q2) - This course takes you through the Accelerated Artist Formula, a six-step process to Track, Unblock, Focus, Prep, Upgrade, and Integrate so you can move faster toward your goals. This is the core work of your indie career!
    - Fix Your Outline, Fix Your Draft Course ($299 value; 2016 Q3) - A course to help you when you outline or draft is killing you in edits! Digs deeper into the concepts from the Outlining Challenge.
    - Get Your Book Selling Course ($299 value; 2016 Q4) - The entire 10 Stages of Audience framework fleshed out in detail, including our advanced project templates and all the details of our fiction and non-fiction launches and sales funnels.
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    Knowing what you need to do and actually making weekly progress are NOT the same thing. For so long I told myself, “I don’t need accountability. I know what I need to do, I just need to do it.”
    But guess what? I got a lot less done using this strategy. That's why when you join the Accelerated Artist Mastermind, you have the opportunity to join an accountability group—a 4-5 person small group that meets weekly to discuss wins, goals, and hot seat topics!
    It wasn’t until I started speaking my goals out loud that I learned to:
         a) fine tune to something I could actually achieve in a week (how many of us overestimate this?), and
         b) hit those goals, week after week, because
         c) my accountability group was going to ask the hard questions if I didn’t!
    No one is going to do the work for you—but when you are your own boss, you often let yourself slide by on excuses. So if you’ve had big goals and pushed the deadlines back one or two times already, let’s break the cycle together.
    If an accountability group is too huge of a time commitment, you can also find an accountability partner or join the #accountability thread, where we post our weekly wins and goals every Monday. (Me included!)
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    To become a full-time writer, you'll need some mountain-moving energy—and it isn't going to happen just working on your own! We are here to support you and cheer you on as we make this journey together.
    You *really* don't have to do it alone. And because we share data and resources with each other + hold each other accountable, you're going to feel like you have your own board of directors on your side!
    In addition to accountability check-ins, you can also ask the group questions, chat with other members, and “mastermind” on various topics throughout the year.
    I’ve participated in other groups like this and the value of being able to get your questions answered, to get feedback on your latest book blurb or cover, or even to share a small victory that you just KNOW your friends and family aren’t going to be impressed with (hehe… been there!) is paramount.
    Slack is our central location for interaction and (if you haven’t used it yet) it’s available through the web and for most mobile devices. You’re going to absolutely love it!
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    Guest Mentors (New!)

    Every month I bring in an awesome traditional- or indie-published author to talk about a specific topic that the group chooses.


  • Lakis Polycarpou

    "More than any single big breakthrough, the best thing about the Mastermind has been the series of rapid, incremental insights its provided to both my writing process and my thinking about marketing, platform building and the book-writing business.
    Monica’s videos, the live Q&A’s, the online group discussion and the weekly accountability group have helped me continually rethink my approach and led me to insights it would have taken years to come to on my own.
    Monica's authentic approach and her generosity of spirit exemplifies the best elements of the indie writer community. She never hesitates to share any aspect of her business, what she has learned (and is learning) or mistakes she has made. "
  •     Annalise Nixon

    "I was a busy writer, but honestly I think I lacked a bit of focus. Before the group, it was easier to slack off and not write.
    Now, I’ve nailed down a way to complete a comprehensive outline that make sense. Many of the components, I already knew, but having them all in one place, in a format that clicked with the way my brain works is priceless.
    With the help of my outline I prepared using Monica’s techniques, I wrote and self edited a short novel in fifteen days. And the icing on the cake was my editor loved it.
    I’m on target to publish five books since the course started, and only one of them was novella length.
    My favorite aspect of Accelerated Artists are the breakout small accountability groups.”
  •     Yesenia Vargas

    "I had never talked face to face with writers before. Now every week, I have a call with a group of writers and we share goals and progress and kick each other's butts. It's also great to have somewhere to go to (our AAM Slack group) and be able to get input and feedback and ideas on all kinds of topics. It's especially cool and insightful to get Monica's input and ideas because she's several steps ahead of us and where we want to be or similar.
    It's crucial for the growth of a writer entrepreneur to have a mentor like Monica and tons of peers that are in the trenches learning with you and pushing you forward. Even to serve as inspiration to other writers who are right behind you is amazing and important."
  • Cathy Pelham

    “Before I joined the Mastermind, I was struggling on several fronts.
    And now...I understand story structure in a way that is breathing new life into my writing and editing.
    I have a design of a systematic approach to book production and marketing.
    The Accelerated Artist Mastermind is a joy. An active Slack community offers a place to test ideas, get feedback, and just support each other’s triumphs and challenges. The accountability groups create a weekly touch point to keep us all moving towards our goals, with hot seats for our most pressing issues and great discussions. The courses and challenges provide guidance through topics such as list building and outlining, all in Monica’s friendly, authoritative voice. And Monica’s personal style informs the whole experience.”
  •     Adam Bailey

    "I've been a HUGE fan of Monica's for a while, her Growth Hacking For Storytellers series knocked my socks off. So when I heard about the Accelerated Artist Mastermind Group I signed up immediately and have not been disappointed! 
    The group is active and supportive and there’s a ton of new content being created all the time. 
    I'm here because I love Monica's transparency as a teacher and the way she breaks down a story, and I love the idea of connecting with other writers on a similar path as mine. 
    The courses, videos, slack group, and other membership perks are an amazing resource for any writer. I'm super excited to be here."
  •     Megan Haskell

    "Before AAM, I was struggling to stay focused. I had my goals and deadlines, but I would get lost in the weeds. Having weekly accountability meetings and an online community to report to and commiserate with has helped keep me organized and on task.
    Thanks to AAM, I've shortened my publication timeline and am more motivated than ever to complete my first trilogy within the next twelve months!
    I just sent out book two of my trilogy to my developmental editor and am already starting on book 3."


Monica is best known for writing productivity and going from producing 1 book per year from 2009-2013 to producing 8 books and one short story in 2014. All through improving her writing process!

  • She’s since produced 20+ books across multiple series, pen names, and genres.
  • Monica has helped hundreds of writers start and finish their books. 
  • She’s also the creator of the Smarter Storytelling Framework, which helps book plotters and pantsers alike get their stories aligned with consistent decision-making.

Monica has been featured on industry podcasts like The Creative Penn, The Self-Publishing Podcast, Write With Impact, The Author Biz, the Sell More Books Show, Wordslinger, and more.

Monica has been an avid blogger of marketing and business trends since 2007. Her ideas have been featured in AdAge, Inc., The Huffington Post, the AMEX OpenForum, GigaOm, Mashable, Social Media Today, and the Christian Science Monitor.


We are an ambitious group of accelerated artists who are ready to move and shake our way to success. When you join, you'll get:
- Monthly Mindset videos from Monica
- Weekly Behind-the-Scenes videos from Monica
- Monthly Guest Mentors (live + recording)
- $1000+ of course content
- Weekly accountability group
- Shared tips, tricks, and data to move faster with less research
- Our fabulous indie author community
You can get a yearlong membership or join month-to-month below: