Ending 8×8 Beginning a New Habit (8×8 Day 8)

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Ending of our Challenge, Beginning a Habit!

Celebrate every word that makes it to the screen.Today is the last day of the challenge! You made it!

In honor of the last day I want to talk about something really important in this challenge—your results!

When you are done with your 8-minute writing session today, take an extra few minutes to evaluate what you’ve accomplished on your writing goals this week. How many words did you get? How many wacky places did you write? How can you keep up the 8-minute writing habit going forward?

Reflect on this and let me know your answers. You can post publicly on any social media site and tag Monica Leonelle so I can see it and congratulate you on a job well done.

Moving forward: The challenge may be ending but that doesn’t mean your 8-minute writing habit has to. It’s so easy to keep going with it, so make sure you do! And let me know when your book comes out, because I’ll be eager to see the finished product!

When you are done with your 8-minute session, post a pic of yourself, your words, or whatever you want on social media with the hashtags #8minutewritinghabit, #nanowrimotivation, #letyourbookflow, and #amwriting. If you want me to see it, make sure you tag Monica Leonelle too. We are doing this challenge primarily on Twitter, but you can also post on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and more, so don’t be shy and use whatever social channel you want during this challenge! Don’t forget the NaNoWriMotivation Facebook Group.

8 minutes at a time…

~ Monica

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