7 in the Bank! (8×8 Day 7)

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Go Figure!

Track what you write to write moreToday’s challenge requires a bit of math. You now have at least seven 8-minute sessions in the bank—hooray! I want you to write down those word count totals and figure out the average number of words you’re getting per session. This doesn’t have to be 100% accurate, we just need a ballpark figure.

Now, I want you to figure out how many 8-minute writing sessions it will take you to finish the first draft of your current project.

30 sessions? 100 sessions? 300 sessions? You get this number by taking the total word count of your project and dividing it by the average number of words per session.
If you aren’t sure how long your project might be, you can use these estimates:

•    Full-length novel – 80,000+ words
•    Novel – 40,000-79,999 words
•    Novella – 17,500-39,999 words
•    Novelette – 7,500-17,499 words
•    Short story – 7,499 words or fewer

Lastly, I want you to figure out how many days it will take you to finish the first draft of your current project. You can figure this out assuming one session per day, or you can see what it would be like if you doubled up on sessions a few times a week.

Is all of this starting to feel like less of a challenge and more of a solid plan for getting your draft done?
Let me know by posting your numbers on social media with the hashtag #8minutewritinghabit.

When you are done with your 8-minute session, post a pic of yourself, your words, or whatever you want on social media with the hashtags #8minutewritinghabit, #nanowrimotivation, #letyourbookflow, and #amwriting. If you want me to see it, make sure you tag Monica Leonelle too. We are doing this challenge primarily on Twitter, but you can also post on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and more, so don’t be shy and use whatever social channel you want during this challenge! Don’t forget the NaNoWriMotivation Facebook Group.

8 minutes at a time…

~ Monica

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