We’re Going Mobile! (8×8 Day 3)

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It’s day three, and we’re going mobile!

If writing isn't fun, you're doing it wrong.What you see below is not just a list, but rather an 8×8 Scavenger Hunt.

How do you play? All you have to do is find some way—any way of your choosing—to get some extra words in at any one of (or each!) of these different locations:
•    At the grocery store, standing in the produce aisle
•    Sitting on your couch
•    Sitting at a nearby park
•    Sitting in your car
•    On your lunch break at work
•    Laying down in bed either right as you wake up or right when you are about to sleep

As you complete the hunt, I want you to take a picture of either yourself or your word count for each list item and post it on your favorite social media channel.
Now, let’s have fun with this for the rest of the challenge and happy hunting!

A few hints:

  • We’re doing this because one of the major blockers that all writers have is that they want to have this ideal situation for writing. But what I want you to understand during this challenge is that there is no need for an ideal situation. Professional writers are constantly writing, no matter what else is going on around them. They’re texting their ideas to themselves via their phones, they’re talking on their voice recorders on the way to work, or they’re writing out their ideas in a notebook by hand.
  • Figure out how you can take your project on the road. This doesn’t have to be hard, and I don’t want you to buy any new equipment—what you already own and have in front of you is fine. If you’re using Scrivener, for example, I don’t want you to go out and get new software that syncs with iPad or to buy a new iPad just for this purpose (sorry guys). What I want you to do instead is just copy + paste some of your notes into a free app that syncs with your smartphone.
  • If you don’t want to download an app, email yourself these notes so you can access them from any computer or device you check from. If you don’t have a smartphone, you can also print out the notes for the next chapter of your book and carry them in your handbag or backpack throughout the day.

When you are done with your 8-minute session, post a pic of yourself, your words, or whatever you want on social media with the hashtags #8minutewritinghabit, #nanowrimotivation, #letyourbookflow and #amwriting. If you want me to see it, make sure you tag Monica Leonelle too. We are doing this challenge primarily on Twitter, but you can also post on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and more, so don’t be shy and use whatever social channel you want during this challenge! Don’t forget the NaNoWriMotivation Facebook Group.

8 minutes at a time…

~ Monica

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