NaNoWriMotivation! (8×8 Day 2)

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What did you think of yesterday’s exercise?

evergreen-lybf-7Did you accomplish something?Did you make it all the way through? Did you get words that you think you could use for your book? If all has gone well in the 8×8 Challenge, you’ve shown yourself that you can fit writing into your current schedule, no big deal. So if you completed yesterday’s exercise, you’ve proven to yourself that you have the time, energy, and resources to write for at least eight minutes every day.

That’s HUGE.

Before we get to today’s exercise, I want you tio think a bit about your writing experience from yesterday. What could you have done to make it better? What could you have done to make it feel more productive? What do you want to try next time you do your 8 minutes? Find a sheet of paper and write out by hand some notes on how the 8-minute writing habit felt to you. Some suggestions for next time:
•    You could try dictation instead of typing
•    You could try working on your manuscript instead of writing an email
•    You could try writing at your standing desk instead of being slumped over in your chair
•    You could try writing in the morning before you go to work or deal with the kids instead of writing at the very end of the day.

None of these suggestions is any better than the others; these are just a few things that you might want to try. So now that you’ve gotten all your notes down, let’s move on to today’s challenge.
Today’s challenge is I want you to take one of the things you wrote in your notes and implement it today during your 8-minute writing habit session. That’s right—I’m going to ask you to write for eight minutes again. But this time I want you to change something about your setup just to keep things fresh and interesting.

It doesn’t matter what you change and it doesn’t matter if you feel like your routine is perfect already. The goal for today is just to get you out of your comfort zone and experimenting with another way of doing things. Who knows—you might find that today’s 8-minute session is much better than yesterday’s. You might find that the opposite is true and you much prefer your first day’s session. It doesn’t matter, because whatever you decide you’ll have learned something interesting about yourself and how you like to write.

When you are done with your 8-minute session, post a pic of yourself, your words, or whatever you want on social media with the hashtags #8minutewritinghabit, #nanowrimotivation, #letyourbookflow and #amwriting. If you want me to see it, make sure you tag Monica Leonelle too. We are doing this challenge primarily on Twitter, but you can also post on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and more, so don’t be shy and use whatever social channel you want during this challenge! Don’t forget the NaNoWriMotivation Facebook Group.

8 minutes at a time…

~ Monica

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