Welcome to the 8×8 Challenge! (8×8 Day 1)

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8 Minutes at a Time!

Here’s how it works. I’ll send you an email every morning and give you a task for the day. These are pulled directly from The 8-Minute Writing Habit, so they may look familiar!

I also try to personalize each day with a special anecdote to add a bit of flavor, so look for that too. Plus, I like to include motivational quotes that I love and use as my screensavers, phone wallpaper, and more.

We are posting everything on Twitter this time around, so come on over and let’s write for 8 minutes together! Our hashtags are #8minutewritinghabit, #nanowrimo, #nanowromotivation, #letyourbookflow and #amwriting—don’t forget to tag up!

We also have a Facebook page just for you. Check it out.

Your 8-minute challenge for the day: open the project you are working on and set a timer. Block out all other distractions. Write for 8 minutes, starting now!

It doesn’t matter what you type, all that matters is that you stick through your eight minutes. You can write just a few words if you want—doesn’t matter! The only rule is that you have to spend the full eight minutes thinking about your project with your fingers to the keyboard.

If you’ve never experienced flow before with writing, you might find yourself entering a dreamlike, low-conscious state as your fingers take over and you forget what you’re doing. That’s perfectly okay! In fact, it may be fun to close your eyes while the timer is going. Pretend that you’re meditating and let your mind drift and your fingers move to record your thoughts.

I was talking with Joanna Penn of the Creative Penn, and she pointed out that sometimes when she wrote fast, the results were fantastic, while other times the quality was below her standard. We had a revalation —writing fast doesn’t produce great content, but getting in creative flow does. The reason why sprints of any sort (and any length) work is because they help you enter a flow state… and from there, your fingers do the heavy lifting for you.

When you are done with your 8-minute session, post a pic of yourself, your words, or whatever you want on social media with the hashtags #8minutewritinghabit, #nanowrimo, #nanowrimotivation, #letyourbookflow and #amwriting. If you want me to see it, make sure you tag Monica Leonelle too. We are doing this challenge primarily on Twitter, but you can also post on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and more, so don’t be shy and use whatever social channel you want during this challenge!

Thanks again for signing up for the challenge—that alone deserves a pat on the back! Today is a new day. Let’s earn that part all over again by hitting those 8 minutes.

~ Monica

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